Thursday, July 5, 2007

News Flash: Courtney Love needs a stylist

People Magazine reports Courtney Love needs some fahion help. "I haven't had a stylist in nine years because my old stylist went to Madonna," Love said. "I've been looking and looking. I'd rather wear a tube top and have my stomach hang out than not have a good stylist."

How hard is it for a celebrity to find a stylist in LA? Or go to a Nieman Marcus personal shopper and say "fix me." Or at the bare minimum, buy her clothes at the back-to-basics Gap.

Remember Versace Courtney? Compare that with Sid and Nancy Courtney and you'll appreciate the power of fashion. Or compare them with current Courtney and you'll appreciate when to stop having plastic surgery!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beth Ditto launches clothing line?

Don't you just love Beth Ditto? You know, the lead singer for The Gossip? (Well, hopefully you don't love that she said this.) This gal has chutzpah. She revels in her curves. Flaunts them with metalic spandex or nothing at all. Thin starlet Kiera Knightly has said she is jealous of Ditto's form, “I stood there watching her thinking, ‘oh my god that woman is so sexy.’"
Now NME reports she's in talks with New Look to have her own line.(photo from Now Magazine)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Summer Suit Sales

As sales seem to happening all the time, I was checking out Lane Bryant to see if there were any classic pieces or trendy-yet-affordable pieces to recommend. Unfortunately I found nothing recommend-worthy. Though there were some cute maternity slacks, all of the clearance offering as Lane were lame. Also, if you've ever tried on or purchased a Lane Bryant suit, you know that the jacket quality is, well, not good. Think stretchy polyester.

I did find this cute Calvin Klein linen shirtdress at Macy's. The belt could be replaced with something more substantial, but I would probably go without a belt. The blossom color would be lovely on olive or tanned skin, but I'm not sure it would work with my peaches-n-cream. It's a classic, though, and nearly half-price.

Macy's also has a nice Tahari black suit (jacket and skirt) for $200. The jacket is short, but has a cute belt and goes well with the below-the-knee trumpet skirt. I with Macy's shoes this on a plus-size model, but I think it would work well on ladies with smaller waists.

If price isn't an issue, Nordstrom's is carrying a very chic Anne Klein jacket that looks quite slimming. I love jackets that are designed to be worn unbuttoned. It's got a modern cut with a big collar and long arms that I really like. I would love to see the Nougat color in person, it looks like a chic neutral.